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Kunming Jian Wei Optical Engineering Co., Ltd.
Address: Kunming, Yunnan Province Please select an advertising market counties Second Ring Road Ju-hua on the 4th
Tel :0871-7188677
Phone: 15887180768
Fax :0871-7198777
Contact Person: Wu minch

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Jian Wei Kunming Optical Engineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise professional design LED high-brightness light-emitting logo, product shell is molded of fiberglass overall structural integrity, performance and stability. Operation for many years, the product throughout the country, the use of results remains the same, never damage repaired, fully demonstrating the good quality and stability of our products. Bingcheng Cheng, letter, righteousness, with precision and unity and efficiency, innovation and development purposes. Professional artists and craft design studio, more than 2000 square meters of producti.【View

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